Syrup Range Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Syrup Range Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier in India- Syrups are used as natural preservatives employed in medicines for improving their taste and also reduce water activity. The syrups market in India registered a positive compound annual development rate (CAGR) of 9.95% from 2015 to 2020 with a sales value of INR 1,683.88 Million in the year 2020, an increase of 6.09% over 2019. Today the demand for syrups is on the boom so Jabs Biotech is committed to fulfilling the demands of the market and introducing itself Syrup Range Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier in India.

Jabs Biotech is a GMP and ISO certified Third Party Manufacturer in India that produces large-scale syrups at one time. Moreover, we deal with wholesalers, retailers, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and franchise holders. We offer them a high-quality range of syrups in bulk quantity at an effective cost. All the enormous range of syrups all approved by FSSAI and DCGI. As a Syrup Range Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier in India, we maintain the worldwide standards of manufacturing services, we strictly follow the rules of GMP and WHO.


Jabs Biotech is a leading manufacturing company that makes the best effort to satisfy all demands of customers. Join us now, to get more information and details dial +917973383341, +91 98887-61706, +91 99146-45693, 01765-505706, or you can write an email to

Quality Determinations Exerted By The Jabs Biotech

All the vibrant range of syrups are safe, suitable, pure, and effective in all kinds of health issues such as cold, flu, allergy, fever, fungal infection, oral problems, and much more. Moreover, our motive is not to boost sales but also to provide our medication in each corner of India that’s the reason we build a strong supply network in India with a manufacturing chain. All syrups are available at affordable prices and our R&D team examines all formulations at each level to maintain safety measurements.

Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension B-Complex L- Lysin Syrup Bacillus clausii Spores Suspension Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension
Ayurvedic Blood Purifier Syrup CEFIXIME & LACTIC ACID BACILLUS DRY SYRUP Cefixime & Lactic Acid Bacillus For Oral Suspension Colistin Sulphate Oral Suspension
Ambroxol, Terbutaline Guaiphenesin & Menthol Sugar-Free Syrup Cefixine & Lactic Acid Bacillus Oral Suspension Cefpodoxine Dry Syrup Cyproheptadine & Tricholine Citrate Syrup

Strong Supplying Network in India with the best Syrups Range

We have a strong distribution channel in India. Jabs Biotech Syrup Range Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier in India, we not only manufactured superior quality pharma formulations but also distribute all stocks in 28 states of India. Furthermore, being a punctual factory in India our team ensures that all order stocks are delivered on guaranteed time because we value the time of customers. We deal in various types of drugs that offer you multiple choices.

  • The enormous range of syrups manufactured or supplied by jabs biotech is available at an effective cost price.
  • Before delivering we sanitized all our stocks to maintain safety measurements among people.
  • Each working procedure such as quality, packaging assembling, production, etc has been undertaken by professionals and dived into different departments.
  • Our Manufacturing company is certified and approved by the government and international authorities like GMP, WHO, ISO, DCGI, FSC, and much more.

Associate with The Top Syrup Range Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Jabs Biotech is a prominent name in the Pharma industry because of our best manufacturing services we make a remarkable position in the market. Moreover, all the raw materials we used for producing syrup are purchased from trusted vendors and handpicked by our own staff. All raw material is tested by professionals in our own micro labs. Moreover, we have an ethical business module and we follow all manufacturing ethics such as honesty, loyalty, environmental concern, accountability, transparency, etc.

  • Warehouse facility- We have our own warehouse store, where we stored all our stocks, and the temperature of the storage room is handled by professionals to increase the lifeline of medication.
  • Divisions- To run a smooth manufacturing channel, we divided our departments according to their work such as R&D, packaging, shipping, composition collecting, and manufacturing.
  • Well-planned Unit- Jabs biotech is a well-planned manufacturing unit that is the only reason for our growth because we work under the rules and conditions.
  • Stock Availability– Many clients suffer from stock shortage difficulty but in our organization, you never struggle with stock issues because all demanding stocks are always available.

The procedure of Third Party Manufacturing at Jabs Biotech

Acquiring a Syrup Range Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier in India with the best manufacturing services is a well straightforward cycle. The customer has to contact the pharmaceutical manufacturing factory and process by following the instruction outlined below.

  • Finalize the Quantity of Order- Jabs Biotech Third party manufacturing company in India will ask for the list of needed compositions with the required quantity per formulation. First, determine which products you wish to manufacture from other producers by outsourcing their units and then finalizing them.
  • Design Material and Product Packaging- It is the second step of getting manufacturing service, product packaging and design play a crucial role to attract customers. As a consequence, always select the product’s color scheme, packaging, labeling, and description that is written on the formulation. 
  • Quotation Process- the factory generates a quotation that includes the recommended or discussed pricing and sends it to the customer. Before preparing a quotation, discuss the price with the third-party pharma manufacturer in India.
  • Required Documents for Producing- Photocopy of adhar card, pan card, GST registration, and drug license all these things are essential clients must bring for formal agreement and for official purposes.
  • Manufacturing of products in the Plant- The manufacturing company begins the process, after completing all official formalities, which typically takes 25 to 30 days or depending on the amount.
  • Testing Products quality and Effectiveness– The products inspection team of a third-party pharma manufacturing company examined the complete batch of solutions to ensure the effectiveness and quality of formations.
  • Doorstep Delivery of products with safety–  It takes about 7 days for the logistics team to arrive. Once our manufacturing is complete, our logistics staff dispatches the products and transports them to their intended destination while adhering to strict safety standards.

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