B-Complex L-Lysine Syrup




Pedicor-L is a combination of B-Complex & L-Lysine Syrup that is used to fulfill the deficiency of vitamins that is generally caused due to various reasons such as having a poor diet, during pregnancy, certain illnesses, alcoholism. Vitamins are also referred to as the building blocks of the body that helps the body to be in a good shape. B-Complex  & L-Lysine Syrup contains vitamin B and C that helps in enhancing the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids and production of collagen and in repairing the tissues of the body. This syrup is also helpful for those who are suffering from diabetes mellitus, recovering from surgery.

Precautions for B-Complex & L-Lysine Syrup

B-Complex & L-Lysine Syrup should be taken after having meals to avoid an upset stomach and other stomach-related problems. Avoid having heavy meals and fast foods so that the medication can work in a better way. Alcohol is not to be consumed with it while using this medication.

Side effects of B-Complex & L-Lysine Syrup

B-Complex & L-Lysine Syrup usually doesn’t cause any side effects if taken as per the required dose. It could lead to complications only if taken more than the prescribed dosage.

  • Mild Stomach upset.

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B-Complex & L-Lysine


1 X 100 ml