What is the Difference Between Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise?

What is the Difference Between Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise? -In the coming years, the Indian pharmaceutical industry will only show positive demand. Numerous of pharma companies are investing in the pharma franchise or PCD franchise segment. It is the most profitable sector with multiple business opportunities for people across the country. In the pharma sectors, the newcomers might be confused with the two terms that are PCD or pharma franchise. Therefore today through this blog section Jabs Biotech have come with the answer of What is the Difference Between Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise? 

What is the Difference Between Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise?

We at Jabs biotech through this post wants to clear the question asked by many business seekers. As for the businessman before starting or jumping into any decision it is important to understand all the terms. Now let us discuss and understand both the terms in detail. For any further queries give us a call at +91 98887-61706 or you can also mail us at Jabsbiotech@gmail.com.

What Do You Understand By Term Franchise?

The franchise is the authority to start the business on other company’s name given either by the government or the company. It is given to the individuals or group of people who have rights to use their brand name and trademark for selling and marketing. By selling the products of the company the individuals act as an agent. Now in the pharma sector franchise has been added into two parts that pharma franchise and PCD franchise.

What is the Term PCD Means in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution. The individuals who are new to the pharma sector did not know about the leading term that is PCD franchise. There is no such major difference as in PCD the marketing and distribution of products are allowed under the authorized right.

The PCD agreement follows the rule of trading the same as a franchise. The company can give authority to various pharma professionals such as distributor, C&F, stockiest, medical representative etc but the ownership remains in the hand of the pharma company. By associating with the pharma company you can avail multiple benefits. As such the pharma companies motivate mutual growth and benefits.

Difference Between Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise

There is no such major difference between both the terms, they only vary from the scale on which they work. As Pharma franchise works on a large scale and PCD franchise on a small scale. But the foundation on which they are working is the same. The franchise holders of both PCD and Pharma gets the rights to sell the medicines and products by using the brand name and trademark. The monopoly rights provided by the company help the associates to sell freely in their own region. Both the companies and franchise holder earn a good profit margin on selling the medicines across the country.

The Working Scale on Which PCD Pharma and Franchise Pharma is Differentiated

Both PCD Pharma and Pharma Franchise don’t differentiate completely. But there are few terms through which we can say there is a minor difference between PCD and franchise which should be clear in the minds of pharma professionals. Below given are some of the points that you must consider:

The requirement of Experience: In order to deal in pharma franchise the person needs to have the minimum qualification equal to SSC or 12th done from a well-recognized board university. And you can only stand for a long time in the pharma franchise field if you have experience of at least 2 to 4 years. On the other hand, the PCD franchise business does not require any kind of qualification, it can be applied by anyone.

Investment Requirement: In pharma franchise there requires more investment as compared to PCD franchise. If you are new to the pharma business and want to invest less then PCD franchise is the best option for you. For pharma franchise business many companies also help by providing the loan and credit facilities. Whereas in PCD business you don’t have to face any kind of situation.

Allotment of Area: Both the franchise holders whether it is PCD or pharma enjoy the monopoly rights. But the pharma franchise members tend to enjoy the hold over the wider region as many PCD business falls under its control. On the other hand, PCD franchise businesses are allocated the small and specific region by the pharma companies.


To sum up, we can say that both are equal in terms of growth opportunities and future scope. If you are planning to start your business in the pharma sector then it is best to go with the PCD first. As starting your journey with the small step will brighten your future.

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