Flupirtine Maleate Capsules



Flupirtine Maleate Capsules is the composition of the medication belonging to the brand Myflip-100 which is used for treating pain. Any type of pain including headache, joint pain, toothache, muscle pain, period pain, etc is treated with the intake of the capsule. Due to the occurring pain, the person feels uncomfortable and is unable to lead a happy life. If the person does not treat the pain then the mild pain can become severe. The severe pain would affect the life of the person. The pain whether mild or severe needs to be treated so that the person can lead a happy life. 

The composition of the Flupirtine Maleate Capsules helps the person in treating the pain. The acute pain which remains for a short duration is cured with the help of this medication. In some conditions, the medication also provides relief from the chronic pain which is severe. The medication provides relief and comfort from the pain that he is experiencing, 

Uses Of Flupirtine Maleate Capsules

The composition of the medication is useful as it provides relief to the person suffering from the pain which is almost acute or for a short duration. The glutamate receptors which help in producing the pain are blocked with the help of the composition of this medication. The medication acts on the pain which provides relief to the person from the pain which is almost acute. The medication provides relief to the person from acute pain which lasts for a short duration. In some cases, if the person is suffering from chronic pain which lasts for a long duration is also cured with the help of this capsule. 

Directions For Use 

For the best use of the capsule, the person is advised to follow the advice of the doctor. It is considered to swallow the whole capsule with a glass of water, not to chew the capsule. The medicine shows its effectiveness if taken with food or without food or as directed by the doctor. 

Side Effects Of Flupirtine Maleate Capsules

Just like the other medications, after the intake of this capsule, there are certain common side effects that can make the person uncomfortable. Usually, the following are the side effects that can occur after the intake of the capsules ;

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine

Precautions To Be Taken

The precautions which are to be considered to avoid the adverse effects are as follows :

  • The person is advised not to use the medication if he is allergic to the pain killer or any of its ingredients
  • Elderly people above the age of 65 years are advised to consult the doctor as the doctor would adjust the dose according to the response to the treatment. 
  • During the treatment, if the person experiences any liver damage then he is advised tp discontinue the medication and consult the doctor immediately
  • The person is advised not to take any other drugs along with the medication as the interaction is possible which could lead to adverse effects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can the person drive the vehicle while taking Flupirtine Maleate Capsules?

No, the person is advised not to drive the vehicle as the intake of the medication can lead to dizziness. 

  • Does the use of the medication stop the periods?

No, the medication only provides comfort to the females from menstrual pain. 




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